Vacuum Tree Head is the brainchild of composer/performer/ring master Jason Berry. The group has persisted in various forms for 18 years. Jason Berry is now based out of Brooklyn, New York. I joined the band in 1992 and resigned from my post in 2002.

VTH (Unra & his Punkestra) is a spin cycle of tangos, peter gunn, tablas, sheet metal, Dick Dale, megaphones, and some spanish lyrics thrown in for good measure. The group has recorded 14 CDs half of which are CDR only releases. I play on several of them. The recordings vary from composition to collage, live concerts and archived studio mayhem.

VTH has had many low and high profile Bay Area shows over the years. Two of the most celebrated San Francisco performances were opening for Elliot Sharp at the DNA Lounge "back in the day" and more recently opening for Hella at the Bottom of the Hill. Don't miss your chance to see them on the rare occasions when they perform outside of the studio. "A phrase then of general impatience the dull thudding then of Blake's excess I hear the ruin of all space...."

Vacuum Tree Head's line up circa 2000:

Jason Berry -maestro, screams and contortions

Richard Barber -Bb clarinet, bassoon, theremin

Mike Dela Cuesta -electric guitar, trumpet

Tom Corboline -electric bass guitar

Erika Fallin -electric guitar, flute

Lichi -vocals, DX7

Thomas Scandura -drums

Moe Staiano -metal percussion, rotto toms

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